A Family Company

La Condesa was created in 2010 as an initiative of Conde Galván family for the production and exportation of Berries mainly focused in international markets. Our production of these delicious and healthy fruits has been increasing towards our production goal and the development of our own brand concept. From the beginning we have worked to make La Condesa a hallmark of product quality, distinguished not only by fruit excellence, taste and texture, but also by its presentation.

La Condesa concept has been strengthened by the collaboration of all our family. From field management and picking to the handling and quality control. Our firm follows a process of continuous improvement, doing research in order to produce the best varieties. Our brand concept is deeply bonded to family nutrition, especially children health and nutrition, through safe, tasty and delicious Berries.

From January 2015 La Condesa is part of the Frutas de Andalucía OPFH, joining efforts with other growers in the fields of marketing estrategy, new varieties research and horticulture development.